A Brief History

Philip Russell started his building career in 1979. He quickly established a reputation for quality construction and soon began to build custom homes for discerning customers in Northwest Florida. He was particularly interested in energy efficiency in home construction and shortly thereafter began winning professional awards for his technologically advanced homes.

To date, his firm has won 28 design and construction awards at the state, regional and national levels. These awards include the categories of Best Custom Home ($750k to $1M) and ($1M to $1.5M), Best Water Conservation, Best Energy Efficiency and Advanced Technology.

Philip is a national authority on residential energy issues and has been interviewed on CBS Evening News and Tokyo Broadcasting System. He is the author of Energy Smart Building for Increased Quality, Comfort and Sales. He was a consultant to the Seminole Tribe of Florida, helping to formulate standards for their new housing improvement programs. He is the president and founder of Energy Smart Corporation, which promotes energy-efficient designs, practices and materials.