Why Our Customers Are So Happy...


There is simply no substitute for experience in home construction. Each residential project is a collection of literally hundreds of issues and decisions. Location, prevailing weather, site anomalies and owner requirements present challenges every day of construction. That's where a builder's experience comes into play, solving problems and staying on schedule.

Russell Home Builders has built over 250 homes ranging in size from 1400 to 8100 square feet and in price from $150k to $2.2 Million. There are not many issues that the company hasn't already faced in the past, and that experience prepares it for any contingency in the future. Moreover, Philip and Kevin understand that keeping owners aware and involved is the only way to build homes. It is very much a collaborative effort.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the keystones of the company is the dedication to customer satisfaction. When you take the keys from Russell Home Builders, you're probably going to live in your home many, many years. It is important that you receive what you requested when you signed the construction agreement.

Proof that Russell Home Builders delivers that kind of customer satisfaction is the fact that the company doesn't advertise. It relies 100% on the testimonials of its customers for all of its new business. Very few firms can say that.

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